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Quickly and easily explore and compare decors and textures with our virtual samples. We can also organise physical samples for you.

EGGER Decorative Collection 2020

EGGER Decorative Collection 2020

As a proud EGGER Diamond distributor we offer all decors showcased in these digital tools. We have a full range of MFC's, worktops and edging options, including accent edging for creative designs.

EGGER Design Wall

Design Wall

Discover EGGER uni colour, woodgrain and material decors, all in one place. Just drag and drop the decors from the wall into any order you like, or pick out your favourites to see how they compare or contrast.

3D Texture Visualiser

3D Texture Visualiser

A 2D image of a finish isn’t always enough to get a true sense of perspective. Experience EGGER finishes in 3D to help imagine how the surface would work in an interior. Separate worktop version available.

EGGER Virtual Design Studio

Virtual Design Studio

With the Virtual Design Studio, you can visualise various roomsets with EGGER decors. It is also optimized for use on mobile and tablet to help you work on the move.

Door Combination Guide

Discover door combination ideas with matching and contrasting worktops.

The Optima Doors range allows you to choose from our entire collection of 18mm MFC. Matching, feature and contrasting edging options are available as standard.

Worktop Collection 2020

The EGGER Worktops Collection 2020 offers an exciting and versatile range of high quality and durable worktops. From walnut to oak and concrete to marble, there is a finish to suit every interior including kitchens, bathrooms, offices and retail.

EGGER Worktop Finder

Worktop Finder

Use the EGGER Worktop Finder to quickly and easily view EGGER worktop recommendations and decor combination ideas. You can order samples, view virtual samples, installation videos and more.

Worktop Visualiser

Worktop Visualiser

Check how certain combinations of worktops, splashbacks and upstands work with doors, shelving and drawer fronts. The EGGER visualiser allows you to quickly and easily create the type of look you are after.

EGGER Worktop Combination Guide

Worktop Combination Guide

Curated by Elliott Fairlie, Head of Decor Management, EGGER UK and Ireland, the Worktop Combination Guide provides decor combination ideas for worktops, door frontals and carcasses.